Update of Helix list using API

Hello All,

I have been checking Helix documentation in Swagger. Is there a particular API which i can use to update an item (e.g. IP address, username, domain etc) in the list? How does the URI look like in cURL?

Apart from GET API, it seems like there is no option to test POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE APIs in Swagger. Does anyone know the reason?

We’ve got a few folks out this week for the holidays in the US, but let me shoot this message over to our team and see if we can get an answer!

Good morning @alan.koh,

are you using swagger in the Developer Hub?

You should be able to use all those different request methods. can I see an example of how you’re trying to run it? Also, you can use the postman app, or the Visual Studio Code API test plugin to make your request. Let me know if this helps.

@mahmoud.eraqi , thanks for responding.

Yes, i was using Swagger directly from the API documentation. Apart from the GET method, the rest of the methods (POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH etc) do not have an option for trying out the API call. Any reason why they do not have this option?

Do you know if any API call can be used to add items (example username, IP address, domain etc) into a list?

@nicole.sumrall , thanks for your help.