Pull Alerts from CM/CMS VIA API

Is there a way to pull alerts from the CM VIA the API?

When I make a call to the following endpoint on our CM I get 0 alerts back. However, on our NX and HX we have non acknowledged alerts and I can pull the alerts VIA the same endpoint without issue on each of them. I can also see the alerts in the UI on the CM.


The default query time frame for the alert API is 73 hours. Are there alerts on CM generated within that time range ?

Is the API returning empty list (with 200 OK), or any other http error code?

Funny story, we just generated alerts and now they’re showing up on the CM VIA the API. However, we had alerts generated yesterday and they were not showing up earlier today when I was attempting to make the calls. Is there a setting/configuration option somewhere that would prevent them from showing up before 73 hours?

FWIW I also noticed the same thing with the NX API, I was getting 0 alerts today, when we had alerts pop yesterday. Once I generated new alerts, they showed up again VIA the API. None of the alerts I’ve talked about have been acknowledged.

Sorry, I don’t recall what response I was getting earlier on the CM, but pretty sure it was a 200 OK response. With NX it was responding 200 OK with 0 alerts.