Distinguish analysis result between real clean files and non-analysed files


I have a request about Detection on Demand feature.

Now it is difficult to distinguish by reports whether the analysed file is really clean file or it is not analysed and the status is showed as clean.

When uploaded files were unsupported file type and those were not analysed, the verdict was showed as NON-MALICIOUS.

But I think it had better distinguish analysis result between clean files and not-analysed files.

We would like to request for we can know the files are not inspected from one of report parameters (like “overall-status” or “verdict”).


Hi Hasegawa-san,
Could you please tell us the background that customer want to identify this distinction ?

  • Result of MVX analysis: Verdict Clean → OK
  • The file was out of the scope of MVX analysis: Verdict Clean → Will the customer be troubled by this result ?

Hi team,
Is it possible to distinguish and display these differences in the WebUI or API ?


Just to keep you updated the ticket ID for this is DOD-1541 in our system!


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Hi nicole,
Thank you for assigning the ticket ID.

Hi Matsushima-san,

Thank you for your response.
One of our customers who has very strict security policies will build their new network system.
As their policy, they want to bring only toldly clean files into their environment. Before they download files from internet or upload files to their environment, they will check the files with some security products like CDR or Sandbox. They is considering to use DoD as the Sandbox.
But it is difficult to fulfil their requirement by DoD so far because DoD responses as Clean despite it cannot inspect files.

About other customers, customers want to use DoD to check whether their files were clean or not.
When DoD responses as clean, customers will determine the files are clean despite DoD is not able to inspect the files.
When customers use integrations to link with supported system like box, it doesn’t come to the surface but when they use DoD to inspect specific files, it will do.
Actually we had same request from another customer.
So I have requested this thing.