Detection On Demand API version 2022.01.01

What’s New:

Added new user role “Viewer”

  • “Viewer” can see the dashboard, alerts, submissions, as well as submit files
  • “Staff” can do all of the above, plus configurations, except user configuration
  • “Admin” can do all of the above, plus user configuration

Added ability to delete DOD users

  • Now “Admin” users can delete users, as well as create them

Updated Microsoft connector to allow users to create native Applications

  • This allows the same detection capability as today, but without the need of giving admin credentials to FireEye.
  • This is applicable for Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint

Added file path meta data to file reporting

  • This allows the user to see where the file was pulled from, in the case where there are multiple submission paths

Added key expiration date to Health API

  • Previously only account expiration date was available

VNC plugin for user interaction (Beta)

  • Removed beta flag from OneDrive, SharePoint, Azure Blob, and Salesforce connectors


  • Added ability to force extraction of JS from IMG file types
  • Added ability to force extraction of EXE from MSG file types