Allow use of enable_prefetch via DoD web GUI

(initially submitted at Idea: Detection on Demand (DoD) - allow use of enable_prefetch via web GUI ( , but almost 3 months after, I have been told to post here)

Problem: Describe the problem you are having.
Via the webpage of Detection on Demand, if a URL pointing to a file is provided, the file is not fetched and analyzed. It is necessary to manually download the file and to upload it to have it analyzed, which add additional steps and risks.
Via the API, support confirmed it is possible to fetch and analyze the file pointed by a URL using the option enable_prefetch.
We would like to request for this enable_prefetch option to be also available via the DoD webpage.

Impact: How will this feature make your life, and the lives of other users, better?
Benefits from enabling prefetch in web interface:

  • This reduce the risk of manipulating a potentially malicious file
  • avoid issues with on-premise solutions that could prevent download/upload of the file
  • save time

Reach: How many users do you think will be positively affected by this feature?
All people submitting an URL that point toward a file via the DoD web interface. I would suspect that if nobody complained before, it is jsut that people have not understood that the file pointed by the URL is not analyzed (which is not the intuitive expectation)

Cost of Not Doing: Describe the problems that would occur if this need is not addressed.
The option would allow you to not only process the URL, but also the file pointed by the URL, so you consume 2 tokens, and get the chance to analyse a new sample

Solution Ideas: Do you have any ideas on how this problem might be solved?
An additional checkbox for “enable_prefetch” (checked by default if you want my opinion)

Urgency: How soon do you need this feature? [n] days | [n] weeks | [n] months
-1 day, as all feature requests are

Hey there NewUser!

Let me forward this info over to our Detection On Demand team!